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Who we Work With

Agribusiness focused individuals with 5+ acres of land. This target market is selected because they are beyond subsistence farming, progressively minded and willing to invest in their farms. They have interest in agribusiness and willingness to invest and increase acreage farmed when given proper advice and evidence of positive outcomes of sustainable practices is observed. There is a mixed audience within this group with most being working professionals aka telephone farmers based in urban centers and not having a background in agriculture beyond high school learning. There are also young people who have decided to go straight into agriculture from college, mainly on family land who may or may not have studied agriculture in college.

Institutions supporting farmers, working with small scale farmers who may be on less acreage than 5 acres. These institutions work with small scale farmers to improve their productivity for purposes of ensuring food security at household level and surplus for sale and income generation. Institutions of this nature also tend to have an interest in sustainable production

Medium to Large Scale Farming entities – whether growing for the local or export market these are operations that are established and seek a value add to their farming business which may come in the form of advisory, consultancy, training or product and service delivery.

Farm product aggregators and consumer chains – this is the market end and for those aggregators supplying high end markets, the need to assure their clients of food safety and sustainability of their supply base is crucial while for the consumer chains end users equally need to be assured that the produce they buy is safe to consume.