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About us

Who We Are ?

Sustainable Farming Services Africa (SFSA) is an advisory, training and consulting firm working within the agriculture sector in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. We exist to promote the concepts of sustainability in farming practices in order to ensure profitability from agribusiness today while securing productivity of the same resources for future generations.

Mission statement

Working with farmers and ensure profitable and sustainable production for generations to come!

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Value Proposition

Our key value is based on safely securing long term profits; cost savings and penetration of premium markets.

Our clientele will benefit in those areas as follows:

  • Sustainable practices are healthy for a farms long term profitability. By ensuring the continued productivity of farm land at current or increased output, profitability should be maintained.
  • Cost savings are achieved through sustainable practices such as composting and companion farming which manage the need for synthetic inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Sustainable practices are an enabler for penetration of premium markets on the basis of food safety and environment conscious clientele (consumers). Markets are both local, regional and export.

Farmers worldwide recognize the need to farm profitably and maintain a healthy farm environment for future generations. The key challenge is how to balance the two and farmers grapple with a range of issues in this respect including but not limited to – lack of environmentally sound and sustainable farm plans, lack of space to practice recommended crop rotations, ignorance on farm ecosystems management, access to inputs and most of all the ever present challenge of climate change with the impact of weather variations on their farming practices.

Our training and consultancy service will work alongside our clients (farmers, farmer groups, cooperatives, medium to large scale individual farmers and farming entities) to incorporate and build up sustainable farming practices in their agricultural operations.

Meet The Team

The SFSA team is a mix of well experienced advisors with core competencies in various aspects of agricultural enterprise value chain development and management, environmental management, and resource management.

Mr. Rikki Agudah

Ms. Brenda Mareri
Dr. Mohamed Somo

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