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Sustainable Farming Services Africa

Sustainable Farming Services Africa (SFSA) is an advisory, training and consulting firm working within the agriculture sector in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. We exist to promote the concepts of sustainability in farming practices in order to ensure profitability from agribusiness today while securing productivity of the same resources for future generations.

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A season long agribusiness enterprise review of operations and activities against a sustainability checklist with scope to give recommendations.

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This is our client driven consultancy to identify solutions to challenges or problems faced by clients in different areas in the agriculture business.

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This service ensures capacity building in necessary skills for farm teams to implement measures associated with sustainability in their farm set-ups. 

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This service is a reseller of various pro-sustainability products targeting soil and crop health and nutrition, pest and disease control.

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This is a client selection from the bouquet of services which are individually tailored and customized to the client’s situation.

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We help set up a customized complete nutrition kitchen garden for homes, schools/institutions or community feeding projects.

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Bees Apiary Services in Kenya - SFSA

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